I just reported a store selling fakes!

  1. There's a store in a mall here that sells HORRIBLE fake Coach, LV, Chanel, Tod's, etc. They've been in business for at least a year but I never thought to actually report them anywhere. Usually I just glare at them as I walk past :p .

    Anyway, I noticed a couple of days ago that they have god-awful fake "leather" Legacy bags (shoulder zips, shoulder flaps, etc.). I was so disgusted that I went in and told the person at the counter that it's illegal to sell counterfeits and that they can be shut down. She acted all surprised.

    It's really been bugging me so today I got the email address of the Intellectual Property Crime unit of the RCMP and reported the store. I also reported it to Coach. I have no idea if anything will be done about it but I feel slightly better now.

    Has anyone ever reported a store selling fakes and did you have success in getting them shut down?
  2. You go girl! That's awesome. I've never seen a store at the mall selling fakes, so no I've never reported anyone. Hopefully they'll be shut down. Good Job!:woohoo:
  3. At a mall? Oh, they deserve to be busted! Go you! :woohoo:
  4. WTG!! Let us know what happens!
    oh, is that your doggie? I have a yellow lab named Marley- I'll have to put her in my avatar!
  5. We have a little cart thingy in the middle of our mall and I saw a fake LV once but haven't seen any Coach. I don't blame you for reporting them. You should see all the purse party purses around here. Sad.
  6. Down with fakes!!!!
  7. Thanks all! Just reporting it made me feel better. Ugh...I just hate the thought of anyone buying those hideous pieces of &^$@ and thinking they're real. But they're so horrible that I don't know how anyone could be fooled.

    Ktdid - That's my dog, Benny. He's a yellow lab cross (no idea with what since he was from the SPCA). He's like a male model...he's beautiful and blond and everyone adores him, which has totally gone to his head :rolleyes: . I'd love to see a picture of Marley!
  8. YOU GO GIRL :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Glad you did:yahoo: . I've seen a few fakes at LB town center right infront of the Edwards theather. I should report them. I hate fakes, they make me sick:yucky: .
  10. Thanks for reporting the criminals!

    There are people out there who knowingly buy fakes, they will not spend the $$$ for a real one. It's an attitude "i'm not spending that much money for a bag"
  11. yeah but then they get a piece of sh*t bag that looks ugly AND falls apart within 6 months :p
  12. There is a kiosk in my local mall that sells Coach-ish bags. The same styles - but with the G's. That's ugly - but legal right???
  13. Yeah, as long as they're not actual Cs, or have the Coach name on them then they're legal. Ugly as heck but legal.

    The ones in the store that I reported were full-on fakes - fake Coach hangtags, fake Coach price tag (white with the red Coach name), fake creed inside, the works. Just :yucky: .
  14. Wow. I walked into an accessory store just last week in a mall down here in Socal and YUCK! An entire wall was dedicated to fakes! Fake LV and fake Coach. Hideous. As my daughter and I were giggling about the fugly bags, the sales woman (possibly owner) came up from behind and said something to the effect of "oh, we just got these in, aren't they nice?" uhhhhhhhh....no.

    Glad you reported them. I may do the same!
  15. Good for you! They shouldn't be selling fakes.