I just remembered, the outlet SA asked me a strange question

Jul 25, 2007
I just called and asked the SA "If I gave you the style number of a particular bag, can you check to see if you have it there?" She asked me "how did you get the style number"? That was a strange question, wasnt it? Well I got the style number by looking it up on ebay, but I know they had the bag last time I went to the outlet, so I said I got it last time I was there and wanted to see if it went on sale. That part is true - I hoped since the pleated ergo satchels are now less than they were last time, the patent hobos may be as well. I wonder why she asked me that though? She was very nice after that, found the bag in the back and kept calling me "hon", but I wonder if I would have answered her question differently if it would have changed the outcome of the call? Ive called there fairly often in the past and never had them ask me how I got the style # before.


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Jun 5, 2008
Nashville, TN
Well the style number is in the bag, and was once on the website. It's not top secret info. so that is a very strange question.


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
SAs always ask me over the phone, "Where did you see that bag?" I usually say that a friend saw it at her outlet. (not really lying to them, tpfers are my friends who saw it at their outlet but I don't say tpfers!!)
If you say you saw it on the Coach website or ebay they don't seem to want to help you anymore! I think they shouldn't ask you were you saw the bag or how you got the style no. but since they have the 'ol standby questions, I have my 'ol standby answers for them. haha

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Aug 9, 2007
a strange thing happened to me too. i called jax to get a matching wallet with my zoe and since it is no longer available on the website i gave the style number to the representative and she asked me "where did you see the wallet" ? i mean i am not filing a police complaint.its just a wallet.well i told her it was on the website and i saw it there and now i have the funds to get it so i called for it.


Apr 28, 2008
The other day 2 diff SAs asked me "who are you shopping for?"

I did pick up a few gifts...I stockpile bday gifts when I see a good deal.
I have a ton of cousins, girlfriends, etc that I exchange gifts with for various occassions.
What'd they want? The recipients actual names?!?!? What would that have helped.

I mumbled something about..."for myself...and my sister in law".
I did have her in mind as a gift recipient.


Jan 27, 2009
That is very strange. When I call my coach store to see if they have a bag that I am looking for that is the first thing that they ask.. "Do you have the style #?"


Aug 22, 2006
That is weird...I was asked where I found out that the Ergos prices changed, I just told them a friend of mine bought one at her outlet and I was asking about it. I wonder how they feel about tPF? I mean, it actually boosts their sales, I'd think. Anyway, it's not top secret...sometimes when a bag I like is on the Coach website, I write the price and style # in my planner so if I ever need to ask a question about it, I have it. I just think the SAs aren't used to customers knowing as much or more then them...lol! :P


Apr 28, 2008
...sometimes when a bag I like is on the Coach website, I write the price and style # in my planner so if I ever need to ask a question about it, I have it. I just think the SAs aren't used to customers knowing as much or more then them...lol! :P
I do this too.
My ongoing wishlist.

I agree w/ your hypothesis about the SAs, LAltiero!
I actually play dumb when I shop.
But, I'm not sure why I play dumb...

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Jul 25, 2007
I agree....i think we know more sometimes then the SA's. I have no doubt the SA's or mgrs lurk here and read what we write. Not to get off the subject...I called looking for something today and the one on the phone swore they don't get that bag. Well hello... they did have it cuz I stopped by and a person of higher knowledge knew exactly what I was looking for but they only had limited qty and it's all gone. I think it just depends on who you talk to. They all need to be informed of the merchandise since it could make or break a sale. And in this economy I think they might be inclined to know the merchandise better. :smile:
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Sep 15, 2007
I was asked the same question when I called an outlet yesterday, and I actually asked her why she was asking me that since normally when you call they ask you what the style number is if you just rattle off a name. Apparently they are instructed to say they don't carry retail bags on the website, so if you are calling about a retail bag, they will tell you it's in FP stores auto. Part of it may be because they are busy, and the other part because they are trying to separate outlet from boutique. Get real, though...not like we don't all know where the bags go after they are deleted! I just told her I know for a fact some outlets I can't get to already have the bags I'm calling about, and that's why I was calling that outlet...I needed a specific color in a specific bag. After I said that, she was all sweet to me too. I almost never mention the forum unless it's someone I know because it doesn't go over very well with some of them, and also because I like to remain anonymous. Never know who might be there!
Aug 2, 2006
I know what you mean. I was at the outlet in Tn yesterday and they had a limit 3 per person on the Amanda wristlets but I wanted all four colors so my SA had to get it to pass from her manager, the manager came up to me and ask if they were gifts and I told her the truth... NO I want all four for myself and how could anyone pick since they are all GORGEOUS, the manager let me get all of them but I thought that was a little odd. I guess they thought I was going to resell, if they knew how nutz I am for Coach/purses then they would understand.