I just received my Speedy :(

  1. :cry: :cry: and I'm not very happy -
    - beside the fact that I've had to pay an extra $46 for duty taxes (I'm in Canada)
    - it has some greasy patches where the handels ataches to the bag (not pictured in the acution, of course)

    I don't have a camera so I can not take pictures...are the zippers different for the vintage bags? This one has a leather leaf atached to the zipper? And inside there is a # 846 on one of the tabs and FC one the other one...
    other than that it looks good (besides two minor cracks along the zipper)...oooh I wish I had the camera...I don't know what to do - I already contacted the seller - I;ll see...

    Thanks for your support, girls:cry:
  2. gotta love the duty we get charged Nothing you can do about that.

    I would contact the seller and let them know you're not happy with the bag do to the marks not pictured.

    Good luck!
  3. Send it back if you feel it was misrepresented, don't get stuck with a lemon. Bummer
  4. I'd say send it back and find something worth your money!! If you're not happy with it then you shouldn't have to settle!!
  5. I'm sorry I sound like a dork about the leaf on the zipper - of course it has the leaf so I can lock it ( but it does not have the key :lol: )

    Despite the paches (and the duty taxes:yucky: ) I like the bag and for its age it's in great condition. From what I see on Ebay those spots near the handles are a common problem with vintage Speedy bags. I would have loved to know about them:rant:
  6. Send it back. Apparently, someone else did first.
  7. If it wasn't mentioned about the stains in the auction, then I would email the seller telling him/her that you want a refund. Also I suppose if they are not going to be nice about it that you can file an "item not described" dispute. Keep us updated on the situation. Good luck!!
  8. Ooh, I hate when that happens. Sometimes they say, "you didn't ask." But they should have disclosed that. Cracking is not good; grease spots could have been overlooked. This bag is an older one; I know that the French models had different zippers. At one point the date code was "split up" like you described.
    Ask nicely if it's possible for a return; or a partial refund. If not, file the item not as described claim. Have a happy and safe holiday (or try to). Good luck.
  9. That is horrible! I've also heard of some really sneaky sellers who purposely don't tell you stuff and when you complain they say 'you never asked!' It makes me mad! May I ask who you purchased from?
  10. She's not a reseller it was just someone who had it in his closet (I can tell it by the smell - another surprise :amazed: )

    I will try and get a partial refund since I hate the hassle with the shipping and refunding of the duty taxes:rant:
  11. Good luck.
    The first Speedy I bought had undisclosed faults too. Seller said I had 'buyer's remorse'. NO, she didn't disclose several problems with the bag that badly damaged its usefulness. I won the dispute and sent the bag back after getting all my money back.
    We are both happy as I got all my money back and she later sold the bag for more money AND disclosed the condition problems with the bag. Hope the new owner is happy and nothing else happened with the poor old thing.
  12. I Hope You Can Get It Worked Out
  13. The first LV I bought on ebay smelled like an ashtray. Of course the auction said absolutely nothing about this. It was from a MPRS, too.
  14. I am sorry to hear that!:sad: Send it back and get something in it's place! I hope you can sort things out with the seller! And don't you just :censor: LOVE Canadian customs?!:rant:
  15. Thanks, Irene - I did not heard back from the seller yet.
    She send it via USPS like I asked but since she send it insured and stated $300 on the forms they charged the $46 duty taxes even if she marked it as a "gift" (I also think they opened the box anyways). Is there another way to do it? :cry:
    I'll try to find some reliable Canadian sellers.