I just received my new legacy shoulder bag

  1. its in the khaki/white signature combo and now I'm really thinking that I would prefer the leather. For you gals with the leather bags, does the leather soften up quite a bit? This handle seems so stiff. I was always really attracted to the white leather but talked myself out of it. If I mail it back to the Coach store do they have to give store credit or can they refund my credit card-anyone know?
  2. It does soften, but you may want to hold onto the khaki combo, it's not readily available anymore (at least in the shoulder bag style). You might be able to find it by calling JAX though. Which style did you get?
  3. I got the shoulder bag 10339. I had previosly purchased the white wristlet and the white leather just doesn't seem quite the same to me. This bag was very hard to find. I found it in Palo Alto CA and had it shipped to ND.
  4. I do think that the leather softens as it's used. I have a suede shoulder bag and 2 leather ones - pond and whiskey. The whiskey one was an "as is" deal from the outlet, so it was already broken in and is definitely softer than my pond (which is new).

    But like krispin said, the color combo you have is definitely hard to come by, so make sure you definitely don't like it before you exchange it (maybe keep that one AND get a leather one- I'm bad, I know).