I just received my new Botkier Trigger in hunter green!!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am soo happy, :yahoo:I just received my new trigger bag, and it is the most wonderful color green I have ever seen!!. I could not really get a handle on the color from the online pics but when I received it, well it almost took my breath away! This is my first Botkier and the quality of the leather is soo amazing, I am very pleased!!
  2. Congratulations! I would love to see a picture! I love the trigger and the green ones are some of my favorites.

    Is the leather on it pebbled or smooth? Darker green or lighter? Where did you buy it? We need details, LOL
  3. I would also love to see photos as well! I've never seen a hunter green trigger before. Is this a turbo or a medium?
  4. Congratulations! The Trigger is one of my favorite bags ever. You should post pictures if you get a chance.
  5. congrats! i have a trigger myself and i just love the different compartments! it's such a useful bag and keeps everything organized. i have never seen a hunter green one, so pictures please:yes:
  6. Thanks for sharing my joy!!, well it is a medium Trigger and the color is a Hunter Green it is a beautiful green that can really go with anything, the leather is soft and smooshy but it has a very nice sheen to it, but it's not shiny, I guess that's called patina? I bought it from Neiman Marcus and it was on sale for 428 I had reservations at first but I am totally in love!! I tried going on NM website, but they are all sold out, I will post pics later.