I just received my natural Mandy but...

  1. I just received my natural Mandy. Right away I tried the bag on. I really do love it, the color, everything! It is a bit heavy but that's okay...One thing I noticed though. The bottom of the bag seems to be a bit stained (?) The line where the stitching in is a bit darker and one corner is dark. If I didn't know better it looks like it was stained with denim but the stain is just too perfect on the line. I"m not sure if that's how the leather is. Otherwise the bag is in perfect condition. What do you think? Does anyone have this bag and did you notice these things? Thanks.
  2. can you post photo's?
  3. i got a mandy with the same problem and returned it, they said the bag should have never been shipped in that condition . . . who knows, i got one in whiskey instead (without the staining)
  4. I have Mandy in natural and mine was discolored as well on the bottom. It didn't bother me though so I kept it. I love Mandy in that color! The color will darken a little as you use it.
  5. ooohhh I don't know but I love the mandy and the natural.. post pics! :tup: I had a mandy in black but for me she was just too big and heavy... such a pretty bag though!!!!! :yes: