I just received my Honey Spy in the mail!!

  1. I just love the color in person. Its very pretty. :yes:

    My only concern is that there are color rub offs on the top corners and bottom corners of the bag. I was kind of bummed when I saw it.
    I expected to recieve a perfect bag.

    I'm not sure if this is just a characteristic of the bag or if mine was excessively handed before i purchased it. or worse if I bought a return. :amazed:

    For those who own this is bag in the honey color do you have some lighter areas or is this just mine? :huh:

    I will take some pics and post later.

  2. cant wait to see pics. it sounds like the "wear" on the bag is normal. my chocolate had this as well on some of the seaming. it doesn't bother me

  3. Oh really?
    Maybe I'm just being too particular then. I am still going to call the store just too see. I really do think that I bought a return though because the fendi envelope was all wrinkled and there were two dustbags. One that the SA wrapped the bag in and then another at the bottom on the inside of the bag.

    But it still smells like wonderful new leather and its nice and pebbly. The inside is immaculate.

    Hey arent there supposed to be two fendi envelopes and a black card with the name of the bag?
    I only received one yellow envelope and the black card. That's what I hate about buying from department stores. People are always screwing around with with stuff. Oh well.

    Also I can't get too attached to this one yet because I still have not received my silver/gold spy. I have to choose which one I like best and send the other back. :Push:
  4. CONGRATS, my dear!!! I know what you mean about the leather smell!!!:love: I was smelling mine for a long time after I first got it!!!:lol: I wish I could buy a leather jacket in that leather!!!:nuts:
  5. Here is a pic!!!!!! I took all the stuffing out to show what it looks like empty. And I also took a pic of the color rub off areas. Now I'm reading that a lot of Spy's are like that. Hmm. :hrmm: oh well :noworry:

    I guess I'm a bit less worried about that now. The bag is still beautiful :graucho: :yes:
    honeyspy.jpg honeyspy2.jpg honeyspy3.jpg
  6. Love it! Congrats
  7. ooh. its ga-ga-ga-gorgeous!
  8. My honey spy had some "weathered" areas around the edges. I think it's just the characteristic of the leather. It's such a gorgeous color! Congrats!:smile:
  9. My SA said this leather gets the wear like an old leather coat and it looks better with time
  10. Congratulations! It's a beautiful bag. I am now awaiting a honey spy in the long-drawn out ongoing saga I am in with Fendi!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  11. Thanks everyone. :yes:

    I keep looking at it trying to imagine all the outfits that I can wear with it. :love:

    I have to say that everyone was right (especially you Megs) when they said that I would not be dissapointed with honey. The tone is so warm that it can go with lots of other colors. I had instant chemistry with it when I opened the box.

    I think this one's a keeper but first I need to wait on my silver/gold spy. It coming from a different store on the east coast so I guess it will take a little longer to make it down here to Texas.
  12. My Honey has color rubs, also. Came with only one yellow envelope--same as yours. Sounds like they have the same characteristics, so don't worry!
  13. I love that instant chemistry with a bag:heart: It's love at first site!!
  14. Awww! I adore love at first site with a bag!
    I know when i opened my cognac, all i could do was suqee and just say "WOW!... WOW!.... WOW!" over and over. hahaha.
  15. I love the fact that I can wear honey Spy with denim, white, black, red, etc. and it looks perfect!!! CONGRATS again!!! I hope you can keep them both!:shame: