I just received delivery of a Dark Berry Large Tribute!

  1. Warning: long story!

    So I purchased a Dark Berry Large Tribute from ysl.com and it arrived today! I wasn't going to buy another bag this year, but I was so tempted by the on-line exclusive colors in the Tribute that I started stalking the website since they're always listed as Out of Stock. I was specifically interested in the Dark Berry or the exclusive Red (which looks to be darker than the bright scarlet Red that's not exclusive).

    Anyway, I popped on Sunday night and, lo and behold, the Large Dark Berry was showing as available (it was the only one, all other exclusive colors in both Large and Medium were still out of stock). I don't think I was prepared for actually seeing it as available and wasn't sure whether to take the plunge, but I didn't want to miss it and regret it, so I made the purchase, figuring I could always do a return if I had second thoughts. So I placed the order and it was showing as processed on the site.

    Then, the next morning, I hadn't received any email confirmations and I went to ysl.com and the Dark Berry was showing as out of stock again already. At this point, I wasn't even sure whether it had really been available the night before or whether it was just a site glitch. I thought I'd wait a couple of days and see what happened. That evening, I got the confirming email but didn't receive anything about shipping so it was still up in the air.

    This morning, I picked up an automated message from UPS on my voicemail saying they were delivering a package today and it showed up around noon! So this morning I went from not even knowing whether the order had been valid to having the bag in my hands!

    So now I have to decide whether to keep it. It's really lovely. The color is dark and is what I would call a raisin color. It's actually more purple-y than red. I'm trying to decide whether I prefer it over Red, because otherwise I'd end up stalking the site again for the Red color. But then I don't really carry much patent, and it's a big bag, so I'm thinking that I might prefer it in the darker raisin color than a deep red. And who knows what that exclusive Red color will really look like in person, it could vary a lot from the pictures. Decisions, decisions!

    Anyway, my husband has our camera with him today so I don't have pictures yet, but I'm charging my Treo and will try taking some pictures with that in a bit (if they turn out, I'll post them).

    In the meantime, here are the pics from the website of the Dark Berry and also the deep Red I was considering:

    (Large Dark Berry)
    (Large Red)

  2. Congrats! Your bag is gorgeous!!!:drool:

    I absolutely love the dark berry color! I was looking for a red patent bag and ended up with a cherry red Kors satchel (which I have not received), but this bag is just an awesome color! I am afraid the bag I ordered is too, red. I tend to shy away from bright colors, so that is why I like the berry.
  3. I know that same feeling that you had when putting the order in - I sometimes rush so much thinking that the item will become unavailable as I'm inputting my info that my heart goes a million miles a minute!

    Congratulations, though - the bag from the website pic anyway looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I would get the berry color over the regular red any day! And since it's an exclusive...even more of a keeper!

    I can't wait until you can post pics of your bag :tup:
  4. Love the berry color. Congrats.
  5. dark berry sounds DIVINE. can't wait to see it!
  6. Thanks so much everyone! I tried taking pictures with my phone and they turned out pretty horrible, but I'll definitely be able to take better pictures tonight or tomorrow and will post them. I'll be really interested to get feedback on the color if the pictures can capture it well.
  7. can't wait for more pics - I have been intrigued by these reds too. Would love to see modeling pics too!
  8. :drool::drool::drool:
    Love it!!!!!!
  9. Congrats on your bag!!! :drinkup:I really look forward to seeing your IRL pics of the dark berry color. (Here's a hint: Try shooting it in the morning sunshine tomorrow. That's the best way I found to photograph my bordeaux patent Jimmy Choo Ramona.)
  10. I just can't wait to see your RL photos..I love that color, it's so beautiful!
  11. Congrats!!! Love The Colour