I just received a call from LV...


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
...and I answered hoping that they were calling me to tell me that my silver pochette was in, but it wasn't. It wasn't my regular SA who called me, since I think she's off today, but it was the male SA who knows that I'm crazy for that silver pochette.

He was actually calling me about the transparent inclusion...telling me that they got them in today and I was the first to be notified, but I got one already two weeks ago, so apparently my SA forgot to check me off the list. :confused1:

Anyways, he went on to say "So about the silver pochette..." and I got too excite so I cut in and told him that I ordered one from Toronto already, and he said "Oh, really? That's good, because I was just going to tell you that Toronto has some available and that we could order one in for you if you like." :nuts: How sweet of him to offer to help me!

Anyways, I also found out that they've only had ONE silver poch. in so far...and that they're REALLY slow receiving their items right now. I also found out from Jazzie that at the Banff LV where I put my name down for the silver pochette two weeks ago, they got THREE of those in and I am FOURTH on the list. :wtf: Can you imagine how upset I'd be right now if I didn't find one from Toronto?!?!?!

Anyways...I hope I get that call from them tomorrow saying that my pochette is ready to be picked up! I was actually expecting a call all afternoon because I thought LV would use overnight shipping.

Usually, how long does it take for a store to send an item to another store (in another state/province)?
Awww... I'll keep my fingers crossed too!!!

When the Tampa Saks transferred the Panda Cles to the Houston boutique, it took them about... 1 week? I dunno. I guess it depends how close the store is? :shrugs:
ARGH! I hope they used some sort of super FAST shipping!! I ordered jewelry from Quebec and it was here the next day via FedEx.
I remember the SA I spoke to did say something about Wednesday...I really hope it gets here tomorrow, and if not, early Thursday.

I really want to use this bag on our anniversary night :crybaby: If I don't get it by then, I don't see what use I have for this anymore :crybaby: