I just realized something....

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  1. Both my DH and I are on our laptops on the internet right now! We are sitting in our living room with a fire on (its a chilly 60 degrees in L.A.!) with a glass of red wine and typing away. periodically someone says, "I love you!"

    Do any of you guys do this with your SO?
  2. Get out of here!!! I am here with a fire, red wine, laptop and 2 weiner dogs. DH is not here right now, but I will tell my doggies I love them, does that count?
  3. haha my boyfriend and i do that sometimes. i'll be on my laptop and he'll be on the desktop. sometimes he'll send an IM with a link to something, which is silly since i could easily just get up and go 10 feet to the computer he's on.
  4. Almost every night I'm in my spot on the sectional in front of the big tv with my laptop on the purse forum, and hubby is in his spot on the sectional in front of the big tv with his laptop playing online poker. Our 3 kitties are also in their usual spots. Too funny!!
  5. Yep!! haha!
  6. What a bunch of dorks we are..LOL
  7. My BF and I do that too! Only, minus the fireplace and red wine. We have cheap beer and undecorated dorm rooms ;)
  8. it is the sign of the times isn't it?

  9. bagnshoofetish, that is ooo funny! I don't have a SO, but sometimes my bro and I are on the net at the same time. He might be using the laptop, and I will be using my desktop. And when my cousins come, it is the same story.
  10. My DH and I do this all the time. (like right now!) Sometimes we take a break to kiss, too. and, yes, we are dorks, and I love it!
  11. Yes, LOL! Actually, right now since my bf bought a router tonight so we both have internet access. He's playing online poker, and I'm here. :yes:
  12. Haha..it is VERY cold here tonite in So Cal! My SO and I do this EVERYNIGHT. He's on the couch on the laptop and I'm on the desk top while the tv is on just doing our thang. It's a ritual.
  13. oooh! is it foggy where you are? I'm more inland in SoCal....
  14. We got around 6 inches of snow last night and today. Nice and warm inside, though.
  15. Oh, and we are listening to the Beethoven double violin concerto featuring Jasha Heifetz.