I just RE-Purchased my Muse - lol!

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  1. So two years ago I bought a XL Chocolate Muse from NM. I loved everything about it - the size, the leather and the color a deep dark chocolate color most of all. But then life got crazy and I needed the $ so I sold it. I've mourned it ever since. Well I'm happy to say that I bought another one today. I'm excited to get my Muse back. She's nicely broken in (perhaps not even as much as mine was) - and looks lovely.

    Just wanted to share. :flowers:
  2. whenever I give something up I almost always regret it.
  3. ^^Yeah - it's one of only 2 bags I've sold. I guess this means the Muse stands the test of time (at least for me) since it's 2 years later and I still want it. lol
  4. Congrats :graucho:!
  5. show us a pic pleassseee!
  6. congrats - the Muse is a fantastic bag! ...Nothing like selling a bag and regretting it - then you just know it's right for you.
  7. :tup: I"m very happy for you.Enjoy!!!!!!Hope you never need to part with it again.:flowers:
  8. I'm so glad you were able to add the Muse back into your collection since you were dearly missing it.
  9. OMG!:nuts: You will soon have your muse back in your purse family!:woohoo:

  10. I am returning my ivory Balenciaga Whistle bag to the NM today for the same reason (I am already morning). :crybaby:

    Muse is much more lovable, and I can only imagine how happy you are to have it back. Chocolate - YAM!
  11. Congrats, glad you were able to find the exact same one!
  12. OH I love that dark chocolate Muse! Glad that you were able to get it again!
  13. Thanks so much everyone. I'm so happy with the bag. It's nice to have it back! :smile: