I just rcved my burberry nickel hobo YAY

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  1. [​IMG]

    I had to pay 60 dollars in customs though :cursing: Canada Post always manages to ruin my mood!!!
  2. Oh, I found your thread on your new bag!

    IT'S GORGEOUS :nuts:

    I hope your going to enjoy it as much as I am enjoying my Burberry!
  3. it's my first burberry ever ..!!!! It's by far the most I've spent on a bag but she's sooo worth the $$$ :wlae:
    i'm planning a girl's night out this weekend just to flaunt it!!! hehe
  4. Aww! How much was she???

    I used my Burberry ALL DAY today and last night :love:
  5. Very cute.
  6. I dont believe I am seeing a bag like this. Too beautiful. Sorry you had to pay 60 Dollars for customs but you got a magnificent bag to wear.
  7. Gorgy bag! Congrats and have a great time showing her off!
  8. It cost me a total of 520 canadian including customs and shipping - not a bad deal at all :tup: considering the seller had bought it in europe for 450 euros n the bag was barely used
    imma take pics this weekend workin it n post them :graucho:
    thanks alot Addy, krikri, mellyjr, annaversary :flowers:
  9. yayy congrats!
  10. Congrats on a great deal and a gorgoues bag...and finally someone else from Ottawa....YEY!:tup:
  11. I love this bag lubz!! And for a great price!
    Congrats on your first one and enjoy flaunting it!! ;)
  12. mona_danya; YAAAY for ottawa people, have u been to holt renfrew lately? Last time i went there - they had NOTHING n plus i never buy anything in there - they're rediculously priced lol i just see what i like, try it on n hit ebay i'm so baaad :devil:
    thank you Roxana :flowers: you girls are so sweet!!
  13. Congrats- the metallic trim is fab!
  14. Love it!!
  15. ValleyO - i've always wanted this bag but seeing it with the nickel trim made me HAVE to have it - tres chic
    baby of fashion - thank youu!!