I just put my name down

  1. Yay I just put my name down at Saks boca raton for a rouge vif city. I'm third on the list. I wanted to go through balny but since this is my first b-bag i'm kinda iffy abt it so i have to purchase from a place with a good return policy.
  2. :yahoo: Congrats angelie!!!!:yahoo: Post pictures when you get it!:yes:
  3. thanks i will
  4. :drool: awesome COLOUR choice!!!
  5. Good for you...yeah when I got my Blueberry City, it was my first purchase from Bal Ny and I was a little disappointed when the SA told me there are no refunds, and then there it was printed on my receipt. Thats kinda why I stopped buying at Chloe, no refunds only sales credit or exchange within 7 days. I can keep a bag for 2 years if I buy it at Nordstroms and still return it with no questions asked!

  6. seriously Nordstroms doesn't even ask u why???

  7. wow Donna that is really odd!!! would they be able to resell something from 4 seasons ago?
  8. Congrats Angelie- you are going to LOVE it! I'm so excited for you:yahoo:
  9. ^^
    thanks i'm really excited too :smile:
  10. i cant wait to see it !!!
  11. Do post pics when you get it!! :smile:
  12. Yay! You're going to love it! please post pics when you get it! Woohoo!:yahoo: