I just purchased...

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  1. ...the black patent timeless clutch!:yahoo:

    for those of you that have it do you love it? is it versatile? are you glad you have it?

    i always wanted a simple yet classic black evening bag & i thought the patent added a nice twist.

    any thoughts?

    hopefully i will get it soon! i can't wait to see it in person.

  2. I love the style of the timeless clutch. I don't care much for patent for myself but it is beautiful on others. I think it is a great bag.
  3. I have this clutch also. I don't like patent, but this is small and just adds that little extra pop.....has that classy look about it. Congrats! It's a great evening bag!
  4. I saw this for the first time at BG yesterday and thought, "How cute!"
  5. I have the caviar version and love it!
  6. I love it! I am so tempted to buy it in satin.
  7. congrats!
  8. I have the cavier leather and I love it! But, sadly it stays in my closet most of the time.... but I hope you'll use yours more often!
  9. im going to an affair tonight and using my caviar clutch! i love it its so versatile
  10. Congrats! I have the patent and love love love it! Wasn't sure how much I would use it, but I really use it quite often. Perfect size for an evening out and looks great with everything from cocktail attire to dressy jeans! It also just feels good in your hand :smile:.
  11. Great purchase. I can't wait to see you modeling it!
  12. I have the caviar clutch and use it quite often..congrats on your new purchase and wear it in good health...
  13. Congrats, can't wait for pics.
  14. yes pictures please!!
  15. TY ladies! i think i am going to be quite happy with the patent clutch.

    now the waiting game...well will it arrive...:girlsigh: