I just purchased my first Botkier!

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  1. I purchased my first Botkier today from Nordstroms. I believe that this is "James" from the spring 2009 collection. I'm a little on the fence about this one, I really want to love it! Anyone want to help me along?:P

  2. ooh, I love it! I ordered the same bag in pink this morning! Any modeling pics so I can know what to expect? Thanks!
  3. I love it! How big is it, like how much can you carry in there? Modeling pics please! She's gorgeous!
  4. OMG gorgeous! I'd love modeling pics too! Especially to see if you can put it on the shoulder!
  5. It looks lovely but your modelling pics will show whether it is perfect or not. Are you going to post some?
  6. Thanks Ladies for all of your comments. I will be posting modeling pics tomorrow night!
  7. OOOOH it's gorgeous! I've been eyeing this online -- you know I've actually fallen in love with all of the new bags *sob* -- and I'm on a purse ban!

    Looking forward to the modeling pics!!!
  8. I love your bag :smile:!! I just bought this one in silver and its so comfortable and roomy.
  9. James Hobo right? Very nice. Oh did you see anything in pink?
  10. I love it! I think it looks great w/ the longer strap too. can't wait for modeling pics!
  11. the leather on that bag is gorgeous! you did good. it's a classic beautiful bag.
  12. I love that bag! I saw it on Botkier's site, and have been thinking about it ever since...
  13. wow that looks pretty!
  14. love it, very pretty!
  15. pretty bag!!