I just purchased a GST....

  1. Hey Ladies,

    I have been a huge admirer of the GST for some time but always felt it was too heavy for me to carry being I am a very petite 5'2'' 100 pd gal and heavy bags tend to bother my back. But I just could not get the bag off my mind so I picked one up yest at Saks B.H. I was wondering if the GST owners have any trouble carrying it with heaviness being a factor and how does that compare to the Jumbo flap. Just in case....they are both stunning...

    BTW, I got the new matted finish one feel free to ask any questions about the bag. It's different... thanks:yahoo:
  2. i love my GST and jumbo, and i think GST is more an everyday bag, and better for carrying heavier stuff, since the leather straps feel more solid on the GST
    I love mine! And weird as it sounds, the more I used it the more my love grows:love: Great bag!

    Post pics!!
    What color did you get?
    Is the matte 2125.00 too?
  4. Congrats!, GST is alot heavier than a Jumbo flap, but you can put alot more in it too;)
  5. I got it in black with silver hardware. The leather is softer so I am going to worry more about scratches...i guess. but I like how the soft leather feels and I like the matted finish. And unfortunatly it was 2125.00 yikes!

    So it sounds like the jumbo is lighter so that's good to know...
  6. Well, i love big bags so i own a GST in silver h/w and other large bags like balenciaga works, etc.....i'm not bothered by the size or weight, you can said i'm so used with big bags...hehe
  7. I waiting on my first chanel the gst as well. i can't wait to get it. glad to hear good things about it:smile: ps. so is the jumbo the next one i need?
  8. Congrats! the GST is awesome! Cant wait to see epics :biggrin:
  9. The GST is heavy, that's why you gotta switch the bag once in a while. I've done that a few times with my flap. In the end, I still love the GSt though. hehehe
  10. So would you say that the Jumbo flap is lighter then? The S.A. at Saks said it weighed the same.
  11. Congrats on your GST!
  12. congrats! any pics?