I just purchased a black work.. i guess i need to go on purseban..

  1. I am so addicted to balenciaga lately!!!!

    I just purchased vert deau work and aquamarine city 2 weeks ago and today I saw this lovely black work.. look at the leather!!!!

    I was seriously consider to purchased the limited edition magenta city yesterday but due to the fact that I dont want to pay extra 300USD for the tax and duty. i will let go for that lovely bag.. and i saw my new love today.!! yeah..

    It should arrive next week.....
    black1.jpg black2.jpg black 3.jpg
  2. congrats! the works is awesome. i bought my greige one from the same seller. they have fast shipping for international. you will love the work.
  3. Love it! The leather is gorgeous. :yahoo:
  4. this is my third black balenciaga . I got a black city 2 years ago and sold it.. and just sold my black twiggy too. but when I looked at the leather on the work itjust look so soft and yummy!! I just cannot resist this bag somehow...
  5. Wow:nuts:

    Congratulations. The leather is TDF on that Black Work.

  6. i am over spent again... i guess i really need to sell some of my bag and go on purseban... I cant stop myself spending.. on .. balenciaga!!!
  7. Congrats! Gorgeous bag. The leather is beautiful.
  8. ChloeSS - is this a cry for help? If so, it's falling on deaf ears... ;)
  9. Yay! Black Work! We're black Work sistas now!

    You'll love love love this bag....the leather is soft and smooshy, and it fits a ton of stuff inside!

    I'm hooked on Work!
  10. :nuts: omg ChloeSS - i was looking at that listing earlier today! CONGRATS!!!
  11. Helen,

    I was emailing the seller through my work email the whole day. I am not suppose to do so cos if they track I mentioned anything about eBay , the mail will get block.. anyway.. i was so worry that bag will gone after work..

    This bag is good deal and the leather is so beautiful. compare to the other black balenciaga I had before. this one is soft and yummy. my pervious black city is more veiny.. while my black twiggy is not as shiny as this one..

    I cannot believe I am falling in love for another black balenciaga.. .. I guess this bag is good for work since it is not as flashy as aquamarine or vert deau...

    really looking forward for it!!! but the seller wont be able to ship it before friday.. So I will be getting the bag hopefully end of next week.
  12. [​IMG]

    WOW....wat a great buy here....i jus love the work style and black is so classic and versatile.....congrats and enjoy her:yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Congratulations!! :yahoo:
    I was looking at that bag earlier today, as well. I don't have anything in the Work style and think maybe I should. Be sure to post pics when you get her!!
  14. LOVE IT! CONGRATS!:yahoo: I was waching this one, too! GREAT price!
  15. wow shes a beauty, congrats on her!!!!