i just purchase this MARNI bag!!!

  1. what do you think? i can wear it with handle, and can sling it back for more comfort.
    i tell you it's HUGE! it's 19"w x 17" h x 5"d!!!
    i love the patch work thing!!! :yahoo:
    i got it for 520$, is it worth it?
    cb_3.JPG 37_3.JPG
  2. I think it's cute!
  3. thank you icechick :P
  4. cute bag seahorseinstripes!
  5. Very cool anything Marni is worth it in my book!
  6. that's very cute, congrats!:biggrin:
  7. I love it. I love bags that incorporate animal motifs w/o looking childish or dorky -- this one does it:smile:
  8. THANKS GIRLS :yahoo:
    glad there's some marni fans here too :wlae:
  9. congrats! i love that bag and have been looking for it....there's one on eBay but i don't want to pay $699 for it.....you got a great deal
  10. So adorable!
  11. :wlae:
  12. Very cute. Reminds me of Enid Collins to a degree, but not as much bling.
  13. Cute! Marni has the best funky bags...
  14. it's a great everyday bag!!!!congrats!!
  15. I love all Marni bags- they're fun, playful and really creative!