I Just Preordered the Damier Speedy

  1. I couldn't resist anymore so I called Vuitton today and preordered a Damier Speedy. It'll be my first Damier piece. I'm so excited. I can't wait until I get it in June. :nuts:
  2. Yay! I really want one, but I'm going for the mandarin Epi Speedy first :love:

    Congrats! Post pictures when you get it :biggrin:
  3. Congrats! She should be a stunner! :nuts: :biggrin:
    Please post pics when it comes!
  4. good choice.
  5. oh man! that reminds me, I need to get moving!

  6. I have almost the same plan. I so want to get the Damier Speedy, but i have to get the Mandarine Epi Jasmine first.

    Congrats on the preorder.
  7. Thanks everyone. I will definately post pictures once I get it. vuittonGirl, I can't wait to see your Epi.
  8. Congrast! How much is it? When exactly will you get it in June? Thanks!
  9. The Damier speedy is the same price as the mono ones. My SA told me that the release date is set for June 1st, but of course there may be some unexpected delays. She also told me that most people should be able to get one because it will be part of the permanent Damier collection. But of course she said that it may be hard to get one in the first few days of its release. If they run out of them, they will simply send some over from other vuittons in the world. She told me that I will be notified once they officially release it, so it should be June 1st. Yay!
  10. Awesome!! I have a 30 and I love it! It's great not having to worry about the vachetta! You are gonna love it!!
  11. I am not too fond of the Damier line but it's been growing on me each passing day. I do think if I'd get a bag from that line, it'd probably be the Speedy or Papillon. I am waiting to see it in person though. One more month!
  12. I want one!!! Congrats - can't wait to see the pics!
  13. Congrat! You made a good choice as the speedy is such a classical bag, and a definite wardrobe must have! Post some pics when you get it! xxx
  14. Congratulations on your purchase. Is this now a regular item?
  15. Congrats! I can't wait either!!!