I just pre-ordered these CL'S!

  1. Holy Hell. What's a girl to do?

    They should ship at the end of July!
    La Donna Mary Jane.jpg
  2. Gimme, gimme, gimme!!! :yahoo::nuts::drool:
  3. ^Aren't they beautiful? I'd much rather have these than the Blahnik's. Just my opinion.
  4. those are fab.
  5. gorgeous
  6. hot hot hot!!!!
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. yummy
  9. I saw them on an NM email to me -- gorgeous!
  10. ^ Me too. I just had to pre-order! I was thinking about getting the Blahniks, but for $45 more I can get these!
  11. just beautiful. congrats. I agree about them being a more enticing option than the blahniks.. these are a little more sexaay :drool:
  12. :nuts:
  13. Congratulations, they are tdf
  14. Sexy!!!
  15. Hot!