I just placed an order with QVC for my very 1st DOONEY!!! :) YAY

  1. Im so psyched, :smile: my girl Jess(viciousbliss) raves about the all weather leather and i hate that all my leather bags i cant use when its wet out and so i decided i needed to have an all weather leather bag so when its raining or snowing i can still have a beautiful leather bag and not go nuts worrying about it :smile:

    SOOOO i ordered my 1st one with QVC just now (SO BAD my CC bill is gonna suck!)

    But I am doing the payment plan so its 3 payments of $97 over 3 months which rocks cause i can do that! :smile:

    so here she is : (stock photos) cant wait till i get to show you real photos! :smile:

    it comes with a cute wristlet too in all weather leather ! :smile:
    [​IMG]:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. It's great! I love AWL bags! Enjoy...it's a great first Dooney:yes:
  3. so cute!! That's a fab color! I love QVC and easy pay!!
  4. hehe i have never experienced QUV and easy pay before but man do i think i love it!!! :smile: i mean how great i only have to pay 1/3 this month :smile: so much more doable then the whole bag @ once! :smile:

    im so glad i was just watching it on tv,, they were showing the sig. bags, then i went on the website and searched all weather leather and this was the biggest one so i called and ordered and then it came up on the tv and red sold out right away! thank goodness i went online 1st :smile: YAY!
  5. Congrats. I got my first Dooney from QVC years ago. That bag, in white, sold out on the show today.
  6. That is a nice bag. I seen that one on air and the easy pay is great! It is a good deal since you get a wristlet as well.
  7. haha yea i caught it on the air after i had ordered it, it was fun to get to see what it would really look like

    i wish they had an even larger tote but this will def be good to keep all my important stuff dry!!! :smile:

    i just wish they made one that was big enough to hold my notebook and stuff too! :smile: but i def think i am going to love this one!
  8. and on tv you could really see the red its almost a cherry red its so bright i cant wait! :smile: yay!
  9. congrats! QVC has some great deals on some nice bags.
  10. Great bag!
  11. Very nice bag. I like the color!
  12. HA! Caught you redhanded (and with a red Dooney too! LOL) cheating on Kooba! :graucho:

    I just ordered a Cabriolet tote in hunter. I went on waitlist for it because by the time I got around to watching, everything was gone but black. Soo I hope I get it. Cabriolet bags are just the best, they can take the worst beating ever and look fabulous.
  13. My first Dooney was the medium (I think) Cabriolet Bag in Black on black.
  14. Haha o noooooo grace you caught me!!! I'm such a cheater its so bad haha

    Which is the cabriolet bag? Is it the canvas like one? With the colors around the pockets and handles and stuff??

    Ohhh I hope you get it!!!! How often does qvc have dooney on the tv? It was fun to watch!!!! I wanna catch it more often
  15. Gorgeous bag, very classic. Congrats!