I just picked up one of these lil' cuties from TJ's!

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  1. It is so darned cute! Perfect for spring and summer![​IMG]
  2. That is so cute! Love it! Congrats!
  3. so cute!
  4. Ohhh I want one!!!!! You really stink at being on a ban by the way (or is the ban from a few days ago lifted now?) I'm so jealous haha!! You have SO many new goodies that I want! I would love to raid your closet... or wherever you store your coach! :whistle:
  5. Are you opening up a Coach store, miss Kimmie?? !!!!

    You are a very bad influence:girlsigh:
  6. Girl, I'm in awe... LOL
  7. Very cute! I have the matching wristlet and love it. Congrats!
  8. wow super cute :tup:

    how much? :tup:
  9. Oi! I just might have to go shopping all over tomorrow! Ahh tPfers are the worst enablers ever!
  10. That is SOOOOOO cute! Yay! for you!!
  11. Ban? Yeppers Im still on a ban, but the hubby isnt and its my Birthday on Friday!:tup:
  12. Thanks! $99!!:nuts:
  13. Love it! So summery and cheerful! Congrats!
  14. You betcha!! Kimmies Coach Couture Closet!! Come in and visit anytime!:yes:
  15. So cute! And Happy Birthday!