I just payed $$ 54 for Touche Eclat!?

  1. Is this right? I can't remember ever paying that much for it? Did the price just hike or have I been shopping at the tax free section of the airport for too long? :sweatdrop:

    It's my number one beauty product so I have to get it no matter what!
  2. Whoa!!! Ok, I haven't bought Touche Eclat in a few years, but that sounds like way too much. Was it just one tube, or the packaging that includes 2 Touche Eclat tubes and one tube of YSL mascara? Did you buy it in Europe? With the Euro to Dollar conversion, you really don't save anything and may pay more!
  3. Sounds about right to me. Maybe a few dollars more.
  4. It was just one single regular tube of the number 1 touche éclat. O.o

    It was in Europe, I used the xe.com converter , the tube was 295 NOK. :tdown: I remember paying 190 NOK (about $36) or so at an airport around christmas last year, so I figured it had to be a little more here, but not + 30 %!! If this is the case, price increases are Chanel standards. lol Frankly, it's not worth $ 54, it doesen't last THAT long, allthough it's magnifiscent.

    OK; I checked some websites selling it. Apparantly I'm going to order by mail from mow on unless I'm travelling. =P
  5. woah. i think i paid about $30 for mine. if that's the case, dior makes a version of it that's almost exactly the same and certainly not $54. i know a guy that used to run a YSL counter that's now a Dior artist, and he says there's basically no difference.
  6. whoa whoa. I bought mine a couple months ago, and I think it was $34 at Nordstrom. $54 is too much!
  7. You def overpaid.
  8. I just looked at Touche Eclat today and here in Germany it's 33€ (about 46.81$) :push:
  9. you didn't overpay, that's the going rate where you're from. it only seems like a lot because of the low exchange rate for dollars vs. NOK (even though you pay the same amount in NOK as you always have, the price has gone up in USD. It's cheaper at airport tax free shops, hence the price difference in NOK) this doesn't mean anything other than that it might be a good time to take a trip to the US and go on a shopping spree :flowers:

    edit: try ordering from overseas the next time ;)