I just ordered...

  1. a Blueberry City from B NY and I am SOOOO excited I could scream! Shes overnighting it to me (they actually let me use my work Fedex #)...I'll have it tomorrow! Had trouble deciding on the Blueberry or the Fire Engine Red one, but I would use the Blueberry more...YAY!:yahoo:
  2. uh oh, I think I posted this in the wrong section didnt I...sorry! (I was excited...):wtf:
  3. I to am thinking about blueberry. I almost bought the eggplant, but just couldn`t bring myself to pay 1700. Now its between cement and possibly blueberry which is really pretty to. Is cement too plain looking?Would blueberry go with everything? Hard decesion!!!
  4. I just received a Greige (gray) city from Bal NY and it is TO DIE FOR. I wear a lot of jean, tee's, black, Gray, Brown, and this particular Greige that the SA picked for me is STUNNING, it is gray with a bit of a beige undertone. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
  5. Thanks to who ever moved my post from earlier (I posted in the wrong section, big oops).

    I love the blueberry, and I cant wait till it gets here. My daughters best friend is a buyer ( I think) in NYC at Saks and she was able to get me swatches of all the fall colors and this past years from a friend of hers who works at Balenciaga. So I have been out of my mind trying to decide which one to buy. Trying to not go overboard on these B bags, cause thats what I did with my Chloe bags...waaaay out of hand. Even though I have several in Ink, I couldnt resist the Blueberry. but I know my daughter will borrow it from time to time. The new Greige is stunning (did I spell that right?) thats a keeper for sure!:love:
  6. hey Oh Donna! congrats on your new Balenciaga Bag... Blueberry is such an awesome colour! congrats! be sure to post up pics once your beauty arrives!
  7. How exciting! I just purchased one on ebay this past week and I'm trying to be patient until it shows up on Thursday! I have heard good things about the blueberry and I'm very excited. I can't wait to see yours!!
  8. Congrats! You'll be seriously hooked after you got her!