I just ordered...

  1. the Damier Chelsea! :yahoo: I'm so excited! I've tried it on in person and the size was a bit large but I hope it's ok. I really couldn't decide on another damier shoulder bag. The manosque is too open, the saleya you can't wear on your shoulder with a coat, the parioli's magnetic closure was too weird, the Uzes was open on top, and I didn't feel like SO a damier piano because it takes too long to get and SO makes it rather costly. So, it should be here in about a week!
  2. Yipeeeeeeeeee! Waiting is so hard!
  3. Way to go....I really like that bag. I am sure it will be fine for you.
  4. I have that bag!

    And it is great...although it is big and sometimes in tight spaces it is a bit too big. But so useful and its such a handsome looking bag. It seems less common too, I dont see too many people carry them where I live (LA, CA). All of the SA at LV always comment that the Alma and the Chealsea is one of the most beautiful of the Damier line. Enjoy!!!
  5. Yeah for you! Now the wait for the delivery.
  6. yay congrats!
  7. Congrats!!! I love that bag, but I think it will be too big for me. Post pics as soon as your new baby arrives.
  8. Congrats! The chelsea is an awesome tote for everyday!
  9. Congrats, post pics when you get the bag:flowers:
  10. congrats on the chelsea! I've been eyeing the chelsea and the parioli...can't wait to see the pics!!
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. I adore my Chelsea! I am 5' 5.5" and I think it is perfect -- I use it as my everyday work and travel bag. Congrats on your purchase!
  13. Congrats! I've been eyeing the Chelsea for a while, I can't wait to see pics!!
  14. It's a lovely bag! Congratulations!
  15. Great choice. Congrats!