I Just Ordered...

  1. The Black MC Bandeau!!

    Woo hoo!! I'm so excited!! I've never bought an accessory from LV before (other than a wallet) so I thought why not?

    It's really thin so it'll look perfect tied around my waist as a belt.

    They said about 2 weeks!! I'm bursting!!

    Who knew accessories could be so much fun?

  2. Oh..Congrats!!! Lookin forward to see the pics!
  3. congrats! i love accessories too!
  4. Congrats:yahoo:
  5. congrats, would love to see pics.
  6. Congrats- the MC bandeau is beautiful! Be sure to post pics when you get it!
  7. Congrats! The MC Bandeau is hella cute!
  8. Congratulations....
  9. Congrats :yahoo:
  10. congrats...
  11. Oooh cute, congratulations!
  12. Congrats! MC Bandeau is sooo cute!
  13. yes......... accessories have become my new obsession for a while! I seen that Bandeau late last night on elux... totally gone now!

    yay! I wanna see pics when it comes in!
  14. yay...it's totally cute!! :smile: congrats! don't forget to post pics.
  15. oh, i want that one! can't decide black or white though! congrats!