I just ordered two park a purse organizers...

  1. ...for my closet from Target.com. I will post pics once I receive and assemble them in my closet. So excited to have a place to put my bags where they won't get smushed!
  2. Ooh I can't wait to see how you organize them! Looking forward to the pictures! :smile:
  3. me too! i'd love to see what it looks like :biggrin:
  4. looking forward to your pics...i have a very hard time keeping my bags organized.
  5. Sounds interesting! Can't wait to see how it works.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Okay, I finally got them both assembled and stuffed into the closet. :smile:

    First of all, these are nothing more than cardboard shelves but it works well for the space I have. At least I can see what I have.

    What doesn't fit:
    -my Madison Lindsey is much too large to fit and I don't want to fold it
    -large Carly is folded (but it's fabric so that's ok)
    -large Duffles don't fit very well, I had to slouch it over

    I'd say these organizers are perfect for small and medium sized purses. Works very well with my Sophia, Molly, Ashley, Alexandra so if you have a lot of satchels this would work well!

    They are not easy to assemble. It was like a giant origami project. I must confess, I started at the folding instructions for quite awhile before I could understand how to put them together. Overall an economic solution but don't expect great quality, these are basically cardboard shelves. :smile:
  8. These look very neat - I think I might have to check into this for shoe storage, too ... Thanks for remembering to come back and show us the end result!
  9. Love this! I've been struggling for ages on a good way to store my bags.
  10. Thanks so much for showing what it looks like :smile: I might look into these because I have an area underneath my hanging clothes that is not utilized properly. It would be perfect to keep bags in slots.
  11. Those are a good idea.
  12. Thank you for sharing. I was wondering if this can hold large handbags.
  13. It looks very nice and organized.:smile:
  14. This is a really great idea for organizing! It looks really neat and I would love being able to see all of them when the closet doors are open...:girlsigh:
  15. I actually kind of love this idea for storage, you can see what you have stored and there are seperate compartments. You could store shoe boxes in there as well I bet and keep everything sorted.

    I don't know how I'd feel about it being cardboard, might have something to do with the amount of times I've had a cardboard box collapse on me and I drop everything that I was carrying in it. :blush:

    I have mine stored on shelves but I'm still not 100% happy. Love looking at everyone elses idea's though.