I just ordered two older style Soho bags...opinions?

  1. I ordered two older Soho signature bags today. One is the chocolate signature duffle with the adjustable strap and the leather top and the other bag is Soho Mia satchel in this dark brown signature as well. I am only going to keep one bag. Well, oink..It largely depends on comfort in a practical way and how it feels on my arm or shoulder and which bag I just fall in love with. I really liked the look of these bags when I saw them in person. They are both simple and classy. I tried, but could not find them in the outlets so I ordered them from my Coach store. If they do not fit perfectly Mary said I could just bring them back to her. They are from last fall. The only pics I saw were on eBay, but I am not going to post any auctions that may be fake. Any suggestions as to which one you like or know of? They are available to order in the distribution center. I appreciate all suggestions.
  2. I am a fan of the duffle. I believe it has adjustable straps. I tried it on during PCE and it was one of the contenders.
  3. I like them both also, especially the duffle. Did you ever buy it? They both were shipped overnight early this morning. I was sitting with my credit and it just flew out of my hands...I am still not sure which one I like better. but the duffle will always be in style and easy on the arm.
  4. is anyone familar with the signature stitch hobo ? I purchase one on eBay but am not that familar with coach handbags. Do you know what season this might be from. Thanks for any info!!
  5. hopefully you'll love one of the bags!!
  6. I have two Mia bags and adore them both. Am considering my 3rd now (as you know!). :smile: It's a gorgeous bag and not one that will be around for much longer... it's already off the website.

    Coach has a lot of duffles out there... the outlet gets some beautiful ones in, too. If I remember correctly, the one you are considering keeping is about a smaller or the regular sized one? That would be too small for me...

    I have a black mini sig from the outlet and I LOVE that duffle -- it's the large one though. I use it with the strap long and usually take it when shopping so I can be hands free...

    So I'd keep the Mia. You can get a duffle anytime!
  7. i have a magenta mia and i loooove it. it's such a gorgeous bag. i think it's easier to dress up or dress down, too.

    i'm not personally a duffle fan, so i vote mia.
  10. OOH I wish it was not damaged ...I loved that bag...I wonder how that happened? Thanks for you note...it is indeed a gorgeous bag..do you get yours on your shoulder comfortably? Thanks again..love your pics...
  11. That style came out a few months ago during the winter. I think it was limited edition, but not sure. I did see it at the outlets a few months ago and it is embellished with gold or silver beads. I think it came in brown, pink and black. Good luck..maybe they still have some in distribution. It distresses easily so careful if you make a find....and grab it...if you do like it..
  12. I ended up going for the gallery tote instead because I like how roomy it is. I like the cross body option on the duffles and would probably use one of those more than I use my swing pack which quite honestly I don't use much at all.