I just ordered this Gauffre!

  1. DUDE..lol...I almost bought that too!!

    CONGRATS..They have good Prada there..youll love it!
  2. Oh! My heart sank when you said you returned the satchel!! I LOVE that bag!! I used it for the first time yesterday..!!!:yahoo: Soooo glad I got it!!! But>>>Love that gauffre you got on Bluefly...I just received a Prada nylon gauffre from them..Like Jill siad..they're fine...Can't wait to see pics when you get this!! Bluefly ships fast too! Just don't take the security tag off right away until you're sure you're going to keep it...It's one of the measures they take to make sure you don't keep the real one and return a fake one..It's just a paper sticky thing on the handle...it comes right off...Congrats!!! that is hot!!! Why did you return the satchel?
  3. EMMY...I wore my Cera out to Saks yesterday..The peeps there were GAGA over it..LOL..LOVES IT!
  4. Gorgeous- the leather looks sooo soft!
  5. Love it!
  6. Emmy, I returned the satchel because it was just a little too much $ for me to spend at the time. I hope Bluefly does ship fast - I can't wait to get this one!
  7. You lucky girl! I know you wanted a gauffre.
  8. What state are you in? I can pretty much tell from that how long it takes.

    I'm in North Carolina and the Bluefly warehouse is in Virginia. If I place my order early in the morning, usually before 10AM, I literally get it the next day. Anything close to or after 12PM, it's the second day. That's one of the reasons I LOVE Bluefly. I get overnight service for the standard shipping charge. :rochard:

    I just hope that my Gucci Peggy made the Friday cut off. If so, I'll have it tomorrow morning, but I can live with Tuesday morning too.;)
  9. Congratulations! I ordered a cobalt blue nylon gauffre from Bluefly - an everyday sister for my cera gauffre (which is just a bit too delicate for everyday use) - it will be here tomorrow :yahoo: (I'm in Maryland).

    Post pictures when you get yours!
  10. pretty, congrats!!
  11. Oh Bis I can't wait to see it!!!
  12. Yeah I here ya about the $$..That was a little hard to swallow at first but disappeared after I started using it lol!!! Don't worry..Bluefly is fast....Can't wait to see it!! Congrats again!!!
  13. [​IMG] Congrats, this bag is so pretty!