I just ordered this dress. What do you think? Please help me accessorize.

  1. I wouldn't go overboard with accessories, the print is pretty busy. A couple banlges or a simple necklace would look pretty nice.
  2. I like it! I agree with lv-lover about the accessories. You can also do a simple earrings!
  3. no necklace, but i think earrings, bangles / bracelets a neutral shoe and a solid coloured clutch would look great!
  4. Beautiful dress, I wouldn´t accessorize at all, just maybe a black clutch and silver studs in ears.
  5. I agree!
  6. Love the dress! Agree I'd go no necklace at all. I'd still do a bracelet though - but something simple - plain bangle maybe. And earrings but again simple, not busy - studs would be good.