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  1. I got the powder color, not black.
  2. Yes, I've seen it! The leather is buttery soft! TDF!
  3. Thanks! I hope I love it !
  4. Congrats, I really like this bag. I know how you feel about the going on sale thing. Post pic's if you can.
  5. if it goes on sale, I will never buy another Gucci, this happens to me ALL of the time!
  6. I've seen it IRL - a friend of mine was interested in it. It's really pretty and yes the leather is TDF! Let us know what you think!
  7. i like that color..very pretty!
  8. Very Pretty! Can't wait to see your pics!
  9. yes post pics love that ruffle detailing with the leather!!!
  10. You crack me up! Beautiful bag!
  11. Very pretty- congrats!
  12. I hope it doesn't go on sale so that you'll keep buying more gucci! :graucho: I love the color and handles.
  13. It's so pretty! the leather looks yummy :drool:
  14. I saw it at Saks store yesterday, it' was beautiful and leather so soft and yummmyyy. Congrat!