I just ordered these from bergdorf goodman...

  1. I got those today in the mail in BLACK! LOL Do you wear Jimmy Choo shoes often? The slingback part does not have an adjustable strap so they were cutting off my circulation at my ankle. And, I got the right size, so I don't know. They are going back tomorrow. :sad: They are really sexy otherwise though! Just make sure you got the right size.
  2. Not sure how they'd look on the foot, but based on the picture alone, I would pass.
  3. i don't know the heel is kind of thick to me but see how it looks when you try them on
  4. ashakes - this is my first time w/ Choos but my feet are 4.5-5 and I ordered 5. I heard Choos run kinda big so I am not worried about the circulation, but we'll see how this works out.
    I have Louboutin peep-toes in black patent so I thought these might be fun to alternate.
    I don't know, I am not feeling much love here so we'll see how these work out when I get them.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/JIMMY-CHOO-WHITE-PATENT-LEATHER-SLINGBACKS-PUMPS-SHOES_W0QQitemZ140146928911QQihZ004QQcategoryZ63889QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    Here's a link so you can see the shoes a bit better. I think this auction shows a 3 1/2" heel version. I had the 4" ones. I don't know how high the white ones off of BG are.

    The heel isn't all that thick to be honest. It's definitely not stiletto, but it's not chunky either. They are a nice shoe. They were on the "IT" shoes to have this spring (pictured in purple patent actually). I'm only sending them back because they just weren't comfy for me. I normally wear a 9 in JC and purchased the 9.5 in these knowing the slingback part wasn't adjustable and it still was not comfy. I think the size you got should be fine. If anything, you can try them and just return them if they don't work.

    Good luck. :smile:
  6. ^^ Thanks ashakes. Bergdorf website says 3 2/5". Actually from the photos in the auction the heels look more cute! I am getting my excitement back! The gold seems really unique... I will have to see it in person though.
    I like stiletto heels as well but I wanted a bit of variety.
    I used the 2nd day shipping so they should be here soon :smile:
  7. I'm not a fan of that heel height, and the peep toe looks a little wide, like your foot might slip through, or stretch it ...

    When you get them will you post pics with outfits? IMO you can't make a judgment on the shoes until you've seen how they'll be worn, KWIM?
  8. What is KWIM?:confused1:
  9. lol...I just looked this up last week, "Know what I mean", I think.
  10. I tried those on at the BG sale and honestly, they hurt like hell. Usually Choo's are pretty comfortable on my foot, but something with the design/cut of that shoe and the slingback makes it instantly uncomfortable. There are two similar styles from that same style family (this past season) that turned out rather comfortable, or at least more comfortable -- there's the 3.25-in peep-toe pump with closed-heel (style name called "Kemp") and the 4-in peep-toe slingback but NOT d'Orsay cut (style name "Kelis"). I'd recommend getting the "Kemp" or the "Kelis" if you like that style.
  11. I think they are kinda cute,
    but i'm unsure of that heel.
  12. Ashakes, you're too funny! You must have a zillion pairs of shoes. I have to say at first I thought they were the CL's from NM's that were $280, until I got a better look.
  13. Are you kidding?? That gold flash on the underside of the heel is genius! I LOVE! Cannot get enough! And, no, they aren't stil's, but they aren't chunky either -- just classic enough. And love stil's as I do, they simply can't be the only shoes in the closet.

    These are great, simple shoes that will last you thru the ages. Trust me on this! And when Choo starts doing the gold on the heel every season, you can say you got in on the early days! teehee

    Choos are strange in fit. A whole different set of sizing issues than Louboutins. I might own maybe a dozen pairs of Choos, and they all are ever so slightly "off" -- usually too narrow (I go up a size from my usually Manolo and Louboutin sizing) or the heel cup pinches, even with slingbacks. I almost always have had to take new Choos to the cobbler to fiddle with straps and such. Something to keep in mind when you're getting shoes that don't adjust with straps and buckles.