I just ordered these CL's...

  1. What do you think? I :heart: the color. They look like they are 5 inch heels - wonder if I'll be able to walk in them. I have no problem walking in 4 inch heels - but these might take some practice.:p

  2. Wow! Even prettier in your pic. They look like the 5-inch in the new, sculpted heel. I hope they work out for you; that's an awesome shoe.
  3. That pic was sent to me by one of the sales associates at Neiman Marcus. I'm on her email mailing list and she sends out pics of new stuff all the time. These shoes just caught my eye - and not bad pr$ce for CL's at $575.:yes:
  4. Wonderful shoes!! The heel is really high and I love the color!!
  5. Those shoes are BAD!
  6. shoes look cute and can work with jeans or dressed up... a bit a high for me personally, but if you can get away with it - then you should do it!
  7. Mon, they are gorgeous!! The price is great too! I just got my 2nd pair, the Very Prive black leather pumps. Don't know if I'm keeping them or not though. Still deciding. Hope they work out for you, they are beautiful!!:love:
  8. Thanks Jenny, I hope I can walk in them.:p

    Are the Very Price the peep toe pumps?
  9. Mmmm congrats on finding such a gorgeous shoe at such a wonderful price! I have the older style 120mm heel Pigalles and I absolutely LOVE them!

    and yes they take a little more practice than 4 inch (or 100mm for the Pigalles) heels but they are soooo worth it once you master them!
  10. I'm sure you'll be able to walk! You have tons of fabulous shoes!!

    Yep, their the peep toe pumps. I really love them, but I have the Bruges and just aren't sure I'll wear them enough. Plus, I know myself, once I return them, I'll obsess over them and want to buy them back:sad:
  11. Congratulations. They are gorgeous. You aren't going to let a measly lil heel worry you....... are you?;)
  12. You're right Jenny - you should just wear them. I'm sure they look fabulous on you!
  13. You're absolutely right Dallas, what's one more inch right?:p
  14. those are soo gorgeous!!! great taste in bags AND shoes!
  15. that is such fabulous shoes! hot hot hot!