I just ordered the tikal pm!

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  1. from elux.:yahoo:
    I really hope that it is bigger than the pochette accessories. Anyone know how much bigger it is? I can't wait to use it with my new ludlow wallet I got last week.
  2. Spy that bag is on my wants/needs list...I have loved that bag for soo long...once you get it I want full details...congrats and you do have great taste!!!!!
  3. thanks!!! I was torn between this and the tulum pm! I love yours!
  4. We have the same taste because I just bought the tulum pm and want to get the tikal pm....I have the pouchette accessoire so I talked myself out of getting the tikal in order to save money but, sooo want it. There is a pic on page 5 or 6 (I think) of Jane with the Tikal pm....super cute me want one....congrats and greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt taste!!!
  5. Congrats! Post pics please!
  6. Tikal PM is cute, yes it's bigger than normal pochette plus love turn lock closure..can't wait to see the pics..
  7. Congrats! :flowers::yes:
  8. yay! post pics soon!
  9. The Tikal PM is the same size as the pochette in length & width. But it is about twice as thick, so it can fit more. Hope that helps!
  10. The Tikal PM holds more than you would think. My Mom borrows my Koala to use when she uses that bag, so a Ludlow will definetely fit.

    Here's her "three bears:"


    Tikal GM in the back, Tikal PM center and Pochette Tikal in the front.
  11. I LOVE the Tikal PM! :nuts:
    Please post pics when you get it...and also what you can fit inside!
    Congrats! :nuts:
  12. Congrats.
  13. nice bag, and roomier than a pochette.
  14. cannot wait for feedback and modelling pics of the tikal pm...IMO this bag is stunning...I want to know if it fits a lot more than the pouchette...the tikal pm is 8.6x5.1x3.4 and super cute...waiting for details and feedback spy