I Just Ordered The Thompson Top Handle Satchel

  1. I'm soooooo excited :yahoo:. I have been lusting after this bag after seeing it weeks ago in the 'book' at the store and today I finally placed my order. Coach will be getting a few advanced bags for shipment on October 5th and mine should arrive at my door FedEx within 2-3 business days. The Thompson line will be available for sale November. I just couldn't wait any longer. Hopefully, I will LOVE it :tup:. I'll post pictures when she arrives.

    This is a picture of what it looks like in Toffee but mine will be in INK!!!
    Coach 11373.jpg
  2. Well......I guess nobody is interested so I'll just skip the pictures. Come to think of it....I'll just skip this whole forum!
  3. Wrong, I'm interested!

    I've been calling COACH C/S every 4-5 days for a status on this bag. Then I saw your thread, and I just placed a backorder for the INK, too! I'm just hoping that I can hold off also buying it in the Toffee. I'll wait until the INK comes in to make that decision.

    Here's hoping our backorders arrive soon!
  4. Great choice. Please post pics when you get the bag. I know you can't wait. Congrats.
  5. Well it looks great to me.
    Where do you have to go to see the Book?
    What size bag is this?
  6. very nice -what are the dimensions on it? I didnt see this in the book either - i must have missed something??
  7. That is gorgeous!! Do you know the dimensions of the bag?? Also, how much did it retail for?? Thanks!
  8. I remember pics of this in another thread. I love the look of this!! I wonder what the drop length is of the handle...if it's "only" a hand-held bag, or could be worn on the shoulder. (LOL)

    I really like this bag. It's very sophisticated. Post pics of it in action when you get it! Don't worry about no one answering right away...it happens to all of us!:yes:
  9. How do I get to see pics of the entire Thompson collection? That bag is great!!!
  10. Ladies, the Legacy Thompson Tophandle, #11373 @ $898, measures 11"L x 14"H x 5.5"D. I haven't seen her IRL yet, but from the pics she appears to be a hand-held satchel. We'll know more when the backorders arrive!

    I first saw pics of this bag from this summer's COACH Manager's Conference booklet, my local store mgr showed it to me. I immediately wrote down the style number and I call C/S regularly to check if she's arrived yet. The Thompson line is from the Legacy Collection, and has our favorite stripe lining!
  11. HighOnHandbags, please come back, we are interested!
  12. i really like the shape of this bag
  13. Thank you coachgrl. I appreciate your kind words. I couldn't resist checking back on the forum and I see that you too have been waiting for this. I can't believe you ordered it in ink just like I did without seeing it in real life. I hope we do love it. Would you really consider getting it in Toffee? I know it was a hard deciding between the two colors but they are soooooooo expensive. I was considering the Toffee for a while but I decided on the ink. One is about all I can handle. Thank goodness I had a one time courtesy of 25% off of my next purchase or I would never have afforded it.

    I didn't know that it had the legacy lining. And I was told the measurements were 14L x 11H x 5D. That is one big bag...I hope not too big! Did you know that it is a pebbled leather just like the Chelsea line? That leather is scrumptous! I just love a satchel that has that kind of frame style closure. I would have loved it if it had the kisslock closure like the Marc Jacobs Stam but is has a zipper inside the frame. I am totally counting the days. I'm sure you are just as excited. Good luck to us both on waiting till it arrives.
  14. Congrats on your new bag! I bet the ink is going to be BEAUTIFUL! Please post pics when you TWO get it! :tup:
  15. Yeh, you came back! I just received the sister bag to this, the Karee 11375, and she has the Legacy Stripe lining. The leather is pebbled, and it is very soft to the hand, but not flimsy. (Another tPFer also bought this bag and posted pics in her thread.)

    It was hard choosing a color, I originally wanted the parchment, then I changed my mind to the Toffee and finally to the INK. I have a COACH Indigo shoulder bag and a much older COACH bag in navy. So the INK seemed like the better choice since I have lots of brown shades and parchment/winter white COACH bags.

    You were lucky to have the 25% savings, I think you've used it well. Hopefully, they'll arrive soon:tup: