I just ordered the ROSE LEIGH!

  1. I called JAX and got a very nice CS gentleman and YES these bags are available to order and SHIP!!! I went for it and ordered! :yahoo: He said over 400 in quantity available.:yes:
  2. Same price and style number as the current Leigh?
  3. OMGosh! You are going to have one stunning bag!! Post pics ASAP!
  4. can't wait to see pics when you get her! :drool: :yes:
  5. Yes it was the same number. You girls will be the first to see the pics, hopefully early next week.
  6. In another thread Tinks said she looked salmon pink from the red look book
    did you ask CS if this is the same rose pink fromm 2006.?
  7. Yes Mary, this got me thinking if I jumped too fast. Well, my pink handbag "high" is over. I just called my favorite SA at the KOP store and she was sooo sweet. They have something in the store in that color so she put me on hold and when she came back she described it as nothing close to pink or rose! She said the one girl called it tangerine ! I thanked her for her honesy and had her cancel the bag for me because I would have returned it antway.
    She said it is no way even close to the 06 Legacy rose color!:sad:
  8. Not close the 06 Legacy rose?? Then why are they calling it the same name? Boo!:tdown:
    Good thing you called!
  9. That is so disappointing. Someone here posted a bag (I think a Bleecker duffle of some sort) that is the new rose color, and to me it looked more like a bright reddish/orange, but its so hard to tell from photos. I just know that it looked nothing like that beautiful shade of rose that was posted in the Legacy thread recently.
  10. OMGOMGOMG! I'm so JEALOUS!!!!!!! What an absolutely amazingly gorgeous and stunning bag!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. I'm so disappointed in both rose colors. The legacy rose sounds like salmon rather than pink and the bleecker rose is a washed out coral-y red. Bummer.
  12. omg I am so jealous and so excited for you!!! I can't wait to see the pics!! Congrats!
  13. Girls, I was in my Coach boutique this morning and the new rose colors are noting like the 06 rose what so ever. The bleecker rose leather is red and the legacy rose is really coral/tangerine looking. It was kind of a bummer.
  14. Thank goodness you called. I wanted this handbag also. I was so jealous when you said you ordered it. I was going to order it thinking it was rose color from 2006 not salmon thanx for posting this! I am sure there will be many other pink bags for us this spring! in a pretty pink!
  15. So why are they two different Rose colors? That's going to be very confusing when ordering, dont you think? Couldnt they come up with different names?