I just ordered the red betty from NM!!!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! 500 dollars !!!

    that is incredible, and that bag is just soooo lovely.

    crossing my fingers it goes through for you, why dont you follow it up with a phone call so that they can tell you now if its definitely still in stock?

    Really hope it is :biggrin:
  2. Oh! This is awesome! It is such a pretty bag! I got lucky with this deal last week, and it's my favourite!:yahoo: Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  3. Oh wow! That is such a great price for such a great bag :smile: the patent Betty's are so hot, I love how the patent has a distressed look to it.

    Yay! congratulation :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. :cursing: order was cancelled due to depletion of stock, GRRRR:cursing: :hysteric: im not very lucky at this....
  5. cancelled???
    so sorry!
  6. I was so excited for you.... I'm sorry:crybaby:
  7. Nooo :'( ahh that sux. but I'm sure you'll find another bag soon :smile:
  8. Oh noooo :cry: I'm so sorry...that totally blows. Bad NM.com :censor:
  9. :crybaby: I am so sorry. This happened to me with the pewter Betty. They have some major issues with their website and inventory updates. Ugh.