I just ordered the off white medium hybrid flap with bijoux chain!

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  1. Damian from Saks Phili had one in his store. Oh my god he is the NICEST SA ever!!! Thanks to everyone on here, I knew to call and deal with him. He has sent me photos and made sure to find a brand new one from the back for me. The best of all, he is waiving the 2 day shipping! :nuts: Sooo great! I should get the bag on Friday. Here is the photo he emailed me.

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  2. Congrats Starbrite! I use Damian too, isn't he the best?
  3. OMGGGG it looks gorgeous! You needNEEDneed to post photos when you receive it! I'm really into white! That chain is absolutely stunning!

    Oh, and I have a question: what makes it a hybrid and not a reissue? I thought the hybrid had a CC lock with a non-woven chain. Sorry, I'm still a semi-newbie to Chanel!
  4. that is such a great bag! I just saw this over at the Chanel at South Coast Plaza and it was such a darling bag. Do you know the price? (i forgot to look as I was trying on the bag)
  5. Congrats, such a beautiful bag!
  6. :love::drool: Congrats!!! the bag is gorgeous!!! what kind of leather is it? how much did the hybrid cost you does it cost more than the classic? Its beautiful I want one!
  7. congrats, this is the exact bag that rachel bilson has! lucky duck you!
  8. ohhhhhh *droooools*

    Such a gorgeous bag! Congrats. You MUST post pics when you get it, yes yes!!
  9. Oh, it is such a TDF bag! I loved it on Rachel Bilson, and craved one so badly. If only I was the kind of person who wouldn't ruin a white bag, I would snap it up and cuddle it. One week w/ me and it would look like a grey bag, not a white one though, LOL!
  10. gorgeous!
  11. It's distressed caviar and it's $2275 I believe for the medium.
  12. ^^ thank you.
    Enjoy your bag.
  13. I have never seen the white one in person so I am not sure I am gonna keep the bag for sure. But I will DEFINITELY post pictures on Friday evening when I get home from work :smile:
  14. The hybrid has the tarnished mademoiselle lock and the tarnished bijoux chain. The reissue has a completely different chain which is more round. But they both have the MM lock, not the CC. The CC lock is ONLY on the classics :yes:
  15. Damian told me the bag isn't arctic white like the classic one. Also he said because this is different caviar leather from the classics, it's easy to wipe off any dirt. So we'll seee.....

    Cuz white worries me too. But it's just so super cute! haha.