I just ordered the Clarisonic Opal!

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  1. I just ordered this and am hoping it works! I have fine lines around my eyes. They don't really bother me, but what the heck! I love my Clarisonic Brush, so I'm hoping this product is equally beneficial. I'll keep you all updated!
  2. saw the info on this..let us know how it works
  3. I read the reviews on their website and the system looked absolutely amazing. Sephora's reviews look less promising (lots of disappointed 1 star ratings) and I'm also put off by how much the refill cartridges for the serum are (100 $ for 3 months).

    I'm wondering if anyone tried it first hand and could review the system for us, tpfers ? :nuts:

  4. I'm curious too, but wouldnt buy it myself
  5. Same here!
  6. i got this for my mom for mother's day and i've used it myself as well...i've found it to be effective at diminishing my fine lines (i'm 26). my mom also said she thought it really helped with her undereye circles (she's mid-50's). the reviews that said the product worked tend to be for those in their 30's and under i think. the price of the system and the refills (and the fact you can't use any other serums) is pretty off-putting though.
  7. I was looking at it online at Sephora last night and notice all the not so great reviews...:-s
  8. I'd searched threads here, other places, read reviews at Sephora, MUA, etc. and noticed most of the reviews weren't crazy about it - but I also noticed a number of reviews gave up after a week or two.

    I was really horrified by how dry my eyes became this winter - dark, irritated, and puffy to the point of making it difficult to read well - so I decided to try it since it had a 30 day return window. I was using my Lancome eye cream regularly but it just wasn't helping and I was looking for something that *would* work.

    I did not get immediate results, other than the instant gratification of the soothing gel feeling nice. After a couple of weeks, I noticed my eye area was much brighter and I no longer had puffy lids. It's getting close to the 30 days now, and I've decided it's a keeper. My eyes look even better than they did two weeks ago. The area is much firmer (I hadn't noticed any sagging but I guess there was more puffiness than I'd realized). I don't have crows feet so can't say if it helps with that or not. I am impressed with how much better my eyes feel with this gadget. :nuts:

    I'd recommend it, but also would suggest anyone testing it use it for as long as possible before seeing if it works for them or not. If I'd wanted an instant fix, this wouldn't have been it, but it does work (for me, anyway) with continued use. I'm using just the serum it came with.
  9. decided to pass on it.. mixed reviews....
  10. I have read the reviews that are overly positive as well as the bad ones and I find myself confused. But I have decided to not get on based on the overall average of the reviews and the price. It is essentially a pricey exfoliant and I much rather save my money for something better (like shoes!). Lastly, I've talked to aestheticians and they always warn about over-exfoliation since there is only so much exfoliation you can do before you're drilling at fresh skin, which can be bad.
  11. I have one and I use it also at work on my clients when they get Microdermabrasions. I think it definitely helps brighten up and depuff etc. But the effects are only temporary. Really a good eye cream will do the same trick. It just feels good to have the vibration of it penetrating into your skin.
  12. Bumping this thread!

    Using the Opal for 1 month now and has really helped with my dark circles. I feel the area more moisturized.
  13. You don't have to use the serum it comes with just like with the clarisonic for the face. The lady I go to for botox recommended this for me and said she personally uses various other products with her Opal like obagi, skin medica and so forth. I am using the serum that came with my opal for now because I think it feels nice but once it is gone I will experiment with other eye products. For the record, I love the Opal and have been using it for over 3 months now.
  14. I've used the Opal for 2 years and think it's ok. My issues are dark circles and fine lines. I use La Prairie's Essence of Caviar eye serum instead of the Opal's serum and find that it does smooth out the fine lines somewhat. But the opal does nothing for my dark circles. The only reason I continue to use it is that I've noticed that my corrector and concealer don't crease as much since I've used this. Even though I'm not the Opal's biggest fan, I do love my Clarisonic facial brush.