I just ordered the Christy...but, need some help as well...

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just ordered this bag through my NM SA:

    (photo from Blue Bee Online)

    I think she is still looking for the bag for me, but said she would only call today if there was a problem and I have not heard back from her, so I hope that means everything is okay.

    I was wondering if I could enlist some PF help...

    I originally went in to have my SA find the large multipocket bag in that same color and gold hardware combo (I don't know officially what that blue is called, but it's a very bright, almost "electric" blue). She told me that the bags went on sale and that there might be some in the NM Last Calls.

    I am going to try to call around tomorrow to see if anyone has it, but wanted to know if anyone saw the bag anywhere lately?

    I'm trying to decide between both bags and if I can get my hands on the multipocket, that would be great!

  2. i believe that color is called navy. i wanted the venetia in this color, but it was all sold out. i haven't seen it, so i'm sorry i can't be of any help there. have you tried calling the mj boutiques? they're usually really great at helping me track down bags. good luck!
  3. Congrats! I love the Christy, it is such a pretty bag!
  4. Tadpolenyc is correct - the actual color of the Christy you have pictured is "Navy". When I was at NM at Tyson's Corner Galleria last month they had one, but it was not marked down. The SA said that she would call me if it ever got marked down. I was just there this weekend (they've moved their bags around) and the Navy Christy was no longer there. I bought the large MP in Navy from the MJ boutique in NYC when it first came out because I was afraid it would sell out quickly. It's such a beautiful color, but unfortunately that color never went on sale that I know of. Maybe you could call one of the MJ boutiques to have them look for it if your SA doesn't find one?
  5. Love the Christy. Have it in Black & Gray. You can get that color on bluebee.com if Neiman's cannot locate it. It will probably be at full price, but you might want to see if there are any coupons for this site....

    Good luck!!! Great bag!!!!
  6. You said bright blue, would that be the "blueberry"? I have a lg mp in that color but I sure would have loved navy!!
  7. Hi everyone....

    I should clarify...my NM SA said that the MP in the navy color (to me, it looked "electric blue) went on sale, NOT the Christy. I saw the Christy in navy earlier this summer at Tyson's and for a few weeks, before it was gone, would make the beeline towards it. Being extremely color-phobic when it comes to bags, I decided against it. But, a few weeks ago, I was in NJ visit my folks and saw the MP in the same navy color at Short Hills. And, I've been regretting that I passed it by the first time.

    So, my SA tracked down and ordered the Christy in navy for me from a store in FL...it should be in my grubby little hands any day now!

    It's been a while since I've purchased a bag (and even longer since MJ), so the wait is killing me!!! It's just the punch of color that I need to brighten up my fall/winter wardrobe (blacks and greys)! I'll post pictures as soon as I get it.
  8. if you are still looking for the MP in the navy, it is at Bloomies in Century City, CA
  9. ^^Was it on sale?:graucho:

    SuLi - I'm so glad you ordered the Christy!! I've been so tempted by that bag for a couple of months now as well. Can't wait to see the pics!!! :yes: