I just ordered my Vacanze Zucca!

  1. I just ordered my Vacanze Zucca from Bear & Bird Boutique and Gallery!!!!! I am so excited! My mom said she would give me the money for it because I want one so badly. I love this print and I hope I like it as much in person!

    Mine in the second row, the one of the left side with the envelope on the front of the bag towards the bottom. I can't wait to get it!!!!!!!!!
    zuccafront.jpg zucca back.jpg
  2. oo tates, by any chance do you know about novelas(sp) from them??

    BTW- you bag is soooo cute :love:
  3. Sorry, I didn't ask about any other styles, but there was a picture on one of the Toki blogs online about them having several styles. The SA there I am dealing with, who is REALLY nice and helpful, said that she had about 30 emails to sift through this morning and the bags would be sold on a first come-first paid basis, so if anyone is interested, you better jump on it now!
  4. OOHH nice... I really like the one on the right side bottom.
  5. :shocked: Wow, they've officially hit the mainland! Here's hoping Pulse gets their shipment in soon. I hope they're not as late getting it in stock as they were with Trasporto. That was so frustrating:hysteric: waiting on Pulse
    shipment when the print was all over eBay and the LeSportsac website.
  6. I just ordered a Vacanze Zucca with Amanda. It's the bottom right one in that pic haha.
  7. so cute!!!!!!!! :drool:
  8. beautiful! i am about to order a denaro from there, but she has not responded to me for a few hours. that pic seriously tempts me :biggrin:
  9. I have a feeling they are pretty busy. It took her a few hours to reply to me this morning confirming everything.
  10. Cool, just sent an email to ask what BV print placements they have left.
  11. Omg this sucks so much.. I wish I saw this sooner.. I live an hour away but I doubt they have anything left.. damnit, I wish there was more stores in FL that sell tokidoki.:sad:
  12. omg i SO wanted that one in the bottom right! i was just going to call them to get it until i read your post T____T
  13. Sorry :sad:
  14. No kidding, when I placed my order it was the last Zucca left o_o
  15. :confused1: if you want a zucca so bad be put on a waitlist for Pulse. i am 99.9% sure i will cancel my preorders... somehow they just arent what i expected >.<;