I just ordered my Muse!

  1. Silly post, I know, but I'm excited. I just finished my master's and even though we're broke because I haven't worked in two years, this is my reward. Chocolate O/S. I want it for an airline carryon as well as every day tote bag. I have an LV pochette and a lot of Coach and Kate Spade, but this is my first high-end full size designer bag and I'm psyched! I've been wanting a Muse for ever.

    Next week I am flying to do a bunch of interviews - looking forward to looking snazzy on the plane and sophisticated at my interviews!
  2. Congrats! I love my Muse and I'm sure you will too! Post pics when you get her!
  3. Congrats to you on finishing your Masters AND getting a new Muse!

    I agree, let's see the pics when you get her. :tup:
  4. Congrats! The must is fabulous!
  5. Congrats! :yahoo: I get excited when there's a new bag to look forward to, but nothing like when I got my first designer bag. I bet you will absolutely love your bag when it comes in!
  6. Whoa, you have some serious style to have picked the muse for your first high end designer bag. Congrats on the muse and the masters...please post pics soon!
  7. Your muse would be perfect for your job interviews! it's so chic! congrats on finishing your masters & your new muse! I'm gonna get mine in a few days! cant wait!!! :yahoo:

    Don't forget to post ur pics!
  8. congrats!!! i love my o/s muse, its really good for working...u can put heaps of things into it...i am sure u will love urs too!!!
  9. Congrats on both the new muse and the new degree! The chocolate O/S muse was a wonderful choice!