I just ordered my first pair of CLs from the NY boutique

  1. Member di0rwh0re33 inspired me on the Post Pics of your Louboutin thread to order the Decollete 838 in the Camel color over the phone. I am so nervous because they only offer store credit for returns, and I have never tried the Decolletes on. But these shoes are sold out everwhere in this color (I called NM, Saks, and BG and none had them in this size.) I wear a 38 in the Louboutin closed toe shoes I've tried on, but the SA told me to order a size up because the 838s run extremely small. I hope, hope, hope they fit!!!

    By the way, they cost $150 less through the boutique than what they are going for on eBay. I'm glad someone here suggested calling the boutique!!!
  2. Congratulations! :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:

    I have a few pairs of Decollete 868s and love them. I think the SA's suggestion to size up was a great one. I am a 38 in CL open toe shoes, and have the decos in 38.5 and 39. The pairs that are a 39 stretched and became a little too big, so I had my cobbler put in a hidden half sole and now they fit even better than my 38.5s.
  3. Thanks, stinam!

    I just realized I called them 838s instead of 868s. The SA may have thought I was an idiot but at least he was friendly and sold me the shoes!
  4. Oooohh..congrats!! How exciting!! I'm addicted to CL's, I bought 3 pairs in less than a month (my first three pairs..hehe). Anyway's, post pics when they come in, and I do hope they fit, sizing in CL's can be a bit tricky!
  5. Thanks, PurseEnthusiast! I just read your thread. You have gorgeous CLs! I can't wait to see the pic of the eel-skin ones too!!
  6. I have five pairs of Louboutin decol's myself. They range thru three sizes. It's very hard to tell w/o trying them on. If you recently purchased them from the boutique, they are the camel jazz leather ones, which I would suggest purchasing 1/2 size up from your regular Louboutin size. What is the style of your open-toed Louboutins?