I Just Ordered My First LV!!!

  1. I got the Malibu Street in Framboise!!! I'm going to get one of the patent Mini-Skinnies from Coach to go in it!! Im so EXITED!!!:yahoo:
  2. Gongratulations, it´s a gorgeous bag! Post pics when you get it.
  3. Congratulations!!!!
  4. Congratulations!!!!
    you'll love your first...
    and second...
    and third...
    and so on...
    your hooked!!!:P
  5. Congrats. Please post pictures when you receive it.
  6. Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. Gongrats! Great first bag and framboise is so pretty :yes:
  8. I love that bag! CONGRATS!
  9. PLEASE Post Pics...I want that bag so badly!
  10. congrats!! yess post pictures!!
  11. Welcome to the club :rochard:

    I've seen the Malibu Street Framboise..Its a VERY pretty item :smile:

    Can't wait for the pics !
  12. Yeah! Wear it in good health and post pics, please!!!:wlae:
  13. Congrats!! I hope you enjoy your first LV bag, what a great choice!!!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats!
  15. Congrats - I love that color and I can't wait to see pics! Welcome to your new LV addiction ... ;)
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