I just ordered lip gloss!!

  1. I'm the first SA in my store to order it!! I'm so excited!! :yahoo:

    I got the heather color, I'll post pix when it gets here!
  2. Awesome!!!! I gotta get some of that!!!!
  3. Nice...I'll be getting one when it becomes available.
  4. You can get it now, It's B009 and there are only like 70 of each one in jax.
  5. Do you know when it will be in stores? (or on Coach.com?)
  6. cuanto cuesta?
  7. I'm thinking it's going to be the 1st of march but there arent' that many in JAX so I'm not really sure who is getting it.

    We are not a big enough store to get it.
  8. what are the colors?
  9. Heather is the more neutral-brownish of the three. One is more pinky and the other is more red but I honestly can't remember the names.

    The other 2 colors seemed SO bright but I'm not sure if they are that way on or not.
  10. Is it still going to be available at Kohls...or was that a mistake. I can't order it, that's something I need to see in person first, not every color works for me.
  11. I had no clue Coach had lip gloss:nuts:...What are the prices?
  12. ^^^ I think its $22. Goodness..70 doesn't seem like a whole lot. I guess they're just trying it out first.
  13. It's $22. I'm not sure where it's going to be avaliable but the idea of Khols is blowing my mind a little! :wtf:

  14. Thats not bad:smile:...I hope they put more out:sad:
  15. they re going to be in stores for the january 24/25 floorset