I just ordered Brynne in black!!!!

  1. Thank you so much for posting the NM sale link, I have been lusting over this bag!!!!!

    I'm so happy to add the brynne in black to my collection!!!!!! This is my 4th Kooba bag!
  2. I have Brynne in black and I love it. Nice and roomy. The leather is gorgeous. I think this bag looks its very best in black. Great choice. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Congrats! I've been longing for a Brynne too! Congrats... it really is a beautiful style!
  4. Congrats--it's a great bag!!
  5. Oh Yes!......and don't forget to post a picture or two! That is one of my favorite Kooba bags....especially the black!
  6. I ordered the black brynne too! I can't wait to get it. :smile:
  7. Congratulations! Post pics when you get it! :tup:
  8. Yes, girls....keep us posted!
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Congratulations! I also have the brynne in black and I love it too. The leather is :heart: and you can have all your stuff in there. I really love my brynne and I'm sure you will too :yahoo:
  11. I have it in auburn and love it. Congratulations.
  12. Congrats! My friend has brynne in Black.
  13. Great choice the Brynne in black. That is one I have been thinking about :tup:.
  14. i have this bag, and while the leather is lovely and the size is perfect, the strap never seems to stay on my shoulder. i think eBay is calling my name.
  15. congrats!