I just ordered an elliptical machine!

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  1. Much to my husbands dismay, I got a stairstepper a year ago and learned i couldn't use it due to a knee injury, so it has been a clothing rack for the last year. I got rid of yesterday and ordered an elliptical machine! :yahoo: This is the only machine I used at the gym, and I'm so excited to have one at home, so I don't have to leave the house to exercise!
  2. supercongrats to you.
    which one did you get?
    i was thinking of getting one for my home but hate the large bulky ones ( space is an issue for me)and often wondered how the small ones were.
  3. Oooh show us which one! I learnt to love the elliptical at our gym after breaking my leg badly last year. I used to not be able to do 5mins on it, despite at the time running 30kms+ weekly, but whilst still mending my leg the elliptical was the closest thing to walking and running on my leg. It's brilliant for fat loss and for good hip/butt/core conditioning too. Now my leg lets me run 2km twice weekly but the elliptical will definitely stay in my routine forever as great cross-training for running.

    I'd love to have my own, but I know a decent one is a good few bob. In a dream world I'd have both a tready and an elliptical, and only head down to the gym for weights.
  4. Wow, it's size is a BIG plus! :nuts: The one at the gym is a great big fancy pants affair, heavy and enormous, but this one does all the same things anyway!

    Hmm.. wonder if they'd do the free shipping to Australia? :sneaky:
  5. I bought an elliptical last year and love it. I have ankle issues and can't put much pressure on them and the elliptical is one of the few ways I can work hard enough to break a good sweat without pain.
  6. The best part about the elliptical machines is the low impact on the joints, it's something i look forward to doing, gives me time with my music and magazines!
  7. Congrats! I love using the elliptical when I go to the gym...
  8. I quit the gym about a year ago and decided to buy one piece for cardio.

    I chose an ellipctical machine too!

    I set it up so I cant watch tv episodes to keep me motived!
  9. I'm gonna try that and see how long it takes DH to tell me to get it out of the living room!
  10. Congrats on buying the machine. If I did not have to actually run 3 mile PFT's on a regular basis I would just use the elliptical.

    I have to say this. What is it with people and needing to watch TV while doing cardio? I have always thought that if you can actually watch TV and pay attention to it you are not working hard enough.:sweatdrop:
  11. Ooh - come back here to post a fantastic tip about ellipticals - download the Podrunner podcast. They come in different bpm rates, and the beat stays at the same speed for the whole hour long podcast. If you listen to these whilst on the elliptical, it makes training a breeze! I just choose a session according to what bpm I want to work to, and zone out. My legs keep time with the beat, I don't slow down as my mind wanders off and neither do I go too fast too early. Brilliant. :tup:
  12. It's so interesting how we all like different fitness machines. I've had knee surgery and was told repeatedly that the elliptical wouldn't hurt my knee, but it did every time! The stair stepper, oddly enough, was easier on it.

    My favorite machine for non-stress on my joints is my recumbent bike.
  13. wow...congrats!!! I love the elliptical machine... I use it every time I go to the gym for at least 40 min.... I burn so much calories every time.. good luck with yours..
  14. That sounds like a good idea, gonna have to try it, I do tend to zone off when reading an article in a magazine...