I just ordered an AC City Tote for $235!

  1. :yahoo:I just scored this for $235! I've been wanting one for a while now and the price seemed good, it's a color that I don't have...ok ladies help me out...This was a good deal right? (I think I need a bit of enabling!)

  2. wow, what color is that, it's stunning!!!!

    total score for you - where did you buy from??
  3. is that a metallic plum???
  4. ^ Revolveclothing.com with a code and it's called bronze metal. I have no idea what this color looks like irl.
  5. you so scored, that is just so uniquely beautiful!!! what other colors do you have the city in?? I have been on the fence for the city forabout a year now but it just looks so huge, do you find it to be huge? do you have basic black?? i love the look of the color in the basic black :smile:
  6. Actually, I don't have any. I tried them on at Nordies and found the mini to be too small and the regular one too large. I'm thinking though, once I put my stuff in it, it should be fine. I can't wait to get her!
  7. GORGEOUS! I wore my AC today and got all the ladies in Sephora to fawn all over her! GOOD BUY.
  8. Thanks! What color(s) do you have?
  9. I have an AC Metal City in Black and I love it!!!! I was eyeing the one you just bought. I just couldn't justify another bag in the same style. You are going to love it. The color is wonderful!!!
  10. I have the Metal City in Butterscotch. The leather really is amazing and I think the size kind of catches people off guard until they realize how cool it is hehe =)
  11. Thanks girls, for confirming what I suspected...I got a great bag for a great price! Yay!
  12. OOOOH gorgeous! Fantastic buy!
  13. congrats! great deal! you'll love this bag.
  14. I always visit these bags at Bloomies and Nordies and the more I see them, the less huge they look! In fact, by now, they don't look huge to me at all! (Yes, I visit them a lot!) And, they are twice the price you paid!! Enjoy!!