I just ordered a rouge vif work!

  1. I just ordered a rouge vif work from aloha rag! I'm so excited! I have 2 black bags (first w/ silver hardware and city) and a teal so this is really a stretch for me with the bright color. I figured with all the dark colors I'll wear in the next few months it will be a great "pop." I just still can't believe my husband said OK and that he'd pay for it! I had a really bad allergic reaction last night to dinner at his friends house so I think he felt sorry for me:angel: . Maybe I should get an allergic reaction more often, huh?:yahoo:
  2. o0o0o0o congrats! :love: I would love a rouge vif work or city... *sigh*

    and kudos for using a little guilt! ;)
  3. I love Rouge Vif - one of my fave Bbag colors! That's awesome that your DH is okay with it too... LOL, maybe come up with some food poisoning when the pre-spring colors come out :smile:
  4. Yeah baby!! This color is so awesome. Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Oooh, yay! Congrats! What a great choice! That is so sweet of your DH! Can't wait to see your lovely pics when you get it!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats! That is definitely my favourite fall color!!
  7. YAY~~~congrats!! You'll love it!!!
  8. congrats hope u feel better!! i just ordered the same bag from them too!! but now im confused do u guys say the work or twiggy is better? its all about style i dont really need the bigger size but like the look..