I just ordered a large Meredith--but was it a mistake??

  1. HI--I was so excited to order this bag earlier today because it looks so gorgeous, but after reading a little here, I am afraid I made a mistake :confused1:

    I got the blonde color and was hoping it would be a good "mommy" bag--one I could carry around everywhere with my toddler and baby and not worry too much about, but is the leather so delicate that it is just going to look destroyed?? I don't mind "distressed" but how bad will it be?
  2. I'm happy somebody's getting the Meredith, so we can come to a conclusion about this leather, I think there has been some confusion...now we can finally find out if it's as soft and hard wearing as the Elisha's or fragile like the Charlie...good luck, leem and keep us posted, where did you get it?
  3. I ordered it online from shirise.com
  4. I have this bag, I love it. I also use it to carry my kids diapers, etc.... Don't worry! This bag is awesome!